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Via expert consulting, we provide you with modes of exploring your business- such as B2B and B2C platforms and tools to build the right partnerships.


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Founded by experienced and visionary entrepreneurs, VProspurs helps you find the right people, organizations and processes to boost your business. Our dedicated team has worked on projects from Europe to the APAC region, assisting new and established companies strengthen their networks and expand their business in emerging markets and economies. Based in Singapore, India, Malaysia and the Philippines, VProspurs leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your business gets the complete benefit of our Midas touch.

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Customer Testimonials

It was a pleasure and honour to attend the India MSME International Business Summit & Expo organised by VProspurs, amidst dignitaries and professionals from all over the world. The professionalism, dedication and impeccable organisational skills exuded during the event were extraordinary and I look forward to being a part of more events organised from the group.

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Prateek Shah

Founder DigitalDefynd

During India MSME International Business Summit & Expo

Thank You very much for this great opportunity and wishing the conference a great success.

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Manoj Menon

Sr Partner & MD for Asia Pasific

Frost and Sullivan
During Make in India Global Business Summit

I compliment the VProspurs team for organising this wonderful event. I wonder how much effort has gone into organising an event of this scale. It calls for a great deal of organisation and the VProspurs team deserves full credit.

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Mr. R. Narayanamohan

Past President Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

During Make In India Global Business Summit

Would like to wish & congratulate VProspurs who has put a tremendous amount of efforts, a great success in the journey that they have embarked upon.

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HE Ms Vijay Thakur Singh

High Commissioner of India to Singapore

During Make In India Global Business Summit

It's a pleasure to get the gathering of the conference which was very interactive. My best wishes to the organisers.

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Dr AK Manocha

Chairman & Managing Director

Indian railway catering & Tourism Corporation

I would like to thank the organisers for organising SmartRail India Conference, which is definitely an eye-opener for the things that has to come through the time and are ahead.

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Mr. R. Radhakrishnan

Member Parliamentary Standing Committee for Railways

During SmartRail India Conference & Expo

Participating in the Delhi Edition of 3rd Air-o-Thon Conference & Exhibition on October 26, 2018 was a great experience that provided an opportunity for useful interactions among the various stake holders concerning the growing problem of air pollution. It was a very comprehensive and timely scheduled event at the start of the winter season in Delhi. The discussions held will also help in spreading awareness specially in regard to indoor air pollution as well as the activities that involve risks of transporting harmful substances from the industrial work places to the indoor environments including houses, cars, buses, commercial places, etc. I wish you all the best in the mission.

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Dr. Ranveer Singh Mahwar

Environmental Adviser,Former Director (Addl.)

Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi

Wonderful effort by the entire team of Prospurs in organising Airothon.Enriching to be present in a knowledge and solution sharing platform like this. Sincerely hope that the solutions are implemented by the concerned stake holders to make the city a better place to live in. Looking forward to many such initiatives.

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Dr. Rajarshi Bhattacharjee

National Head,Health & Wellness

Times Foundation Times of India

I would like to congratulate the organizers of Air-O-Thon who brought together industry and government officials at a critical time of the year. The panels not only addressed the issue in detail but also the possible solutions both at individual and group level. With Air Pollution becoming a life threatening issue, it is good to see that responsible citizens are coming forward with the intention to solve the problem instead of waiting for someone else to solve it for them. Such an inclusive and positive attitude would define a promising future for our country.

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Mr. Ashish Sachedva


Green Dream Foundation