We are engaged in

  • Trading – Prospurs Consulting & Partnership team is currently working with 2 European Wine manufacturers, 1 Finnish manufacturer, and 3 Japanese companies to create distribution network in India. This is a long term project where Prospurs Consulting & Partnership teams are helping clients to build in distribution network across various states & territories, working on customer profiles and using its local knowhow to ensure larger revenues in shortest time possible.

Railways Manufacturing – We are helping one client to get Railways equipments as per the design specifications and other parameters. Our industry expert team is working on documents, assessment and providing consulting services to do

  1. Work out list of Vendors
  2. Pre-qualification based upon specifications
  3. Communications, meeting arrangements
  4. Site visits and manufacturing capability assessment
  5. Vendor selection and contract arrangements
  • SME Growth Partnership – Our Partnership & consulting team is currently helping 3 clients from Singapore to build their businesses in India. They range from real estate, beauty program, buiding exterior / interior designing. Our team is working with consulting partners to work seamlessly to execute project details as per the client objectives and market plans.
  • Education Program – Our event team is currently executing this large program for government sector while managing the research scholars, subject matter experts, end to end logistics, travel management, conducting reviews with stake holders, developing content, workshop arrangements, managing budgets, schedule etc.  The entire program is wide spread in various subjects such as Financial Management, SME development, Historical impacts on society developments, Role of education in society development, Environment management, waste management, Rural programs – employment generation, Socio economic development and many more.