Project Management and Engineering Services

Our engineering services are focusing on advanced analyses, R&D and conceptual design. Whether the complexity is in the number of load cases, materials (metal, glassfiber, rubber,etc), non-linarites, dynamics, we can calculate it. The calculations may be simple hand calculations or advanced fluid-structure interface analyses. Our engineers ranges from BSc to professors and has a wide experience in different industries.


Engineering Services

  • Pipe stress (Caesar II with FEATools, Triflex)
  • Pressure vessels calculations (PVElite, NozzlePro)
  • Structural stress (SAP2000)
  • Marine operations of risers, offshore lifts, etc (Orcaflex, ANSYS AQWA)
  • Finite Element Analysis, FEA (ANSYS Enterprise, SolidWorks Simulation Premium)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (OpenFoam, Code Saturn, ANSYS CFX/Fluent (leasing))
  • Fluid-Structure interface, FSI (ANSYS Enterprise)
  • Thermal analyses (ANSYS Enterprise)
  • Fracture Mechanics (ANSYS Enterprise)
  • Explicit Dynamics (ANSYS Enterprise)
  • Research & Development, R&D
  • Conceptual Design (SolidWorks Premium)
  • General physics and mathematics