Stressman Engineering AS was founded on the 13th of December 2010 by Sondre Luca Helgesen and opened officially on the 1st of January 2011. The name Stressman Engineering was chosen since our main focus is stress analysis. Stressman Engineering supplies the market with linear and non-linear static and dynamical mechanical stress analyses of piping systems, pressurized components, structures and other mechanical components. We use hand calculations, beam element- and finite element analyses to solve the problem cases in accordance with relevant standards such as ASME, EN, DNV, UKOOA, etc. Due to complexity in geometries, non-linearities and number of load cases that may occur we have developed several tools that enables us to deliver more complex analyses in shorter timeframe and more cost effective than our competitors. 


EVORICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD‘s participation in the market has so far expanded from a local flooring solution provider to being Asia Pacific’s floor specialist involving in the manufacturing, developing, installation, consumer and international trading for our wide range of quality floor products. And no matter how fast we grow, we will always remember our 3 core values or commitments to our beloved clients. These core values are; Integrity, Speed and Reasonable Pricings.



Chester Oil & Gas Services Pte. Ltd. was founded by visionary entrepreneurs with exceptional skills and experience within the oil & gas and energy sectors. Our projects are being managed and implemented by our dedicated team and specialists with magnificent work experiences within the industry. Chester Oil & Gas Services is a global provider of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services within oil & gas, and energy sector. We also conduct the wholesale trading of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and all related products.


partner-growbiz1-300x160GrowBiz is founded by experienced and visionary entrepreneurs who have an impressive track record of work experience in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South East Asian Regions. With our large network in various disciplines, along with our local know-how in B2B & B2C key industry sectors in the region such as IT technology, retail, entertainment, construction, healthcare, education, urban planning, engineering, facilities management, renewable energy, farming, GrowBiz is dedicated to bringing together companies with mutual interests in order to develop long-term and successful business partnerships. We will help you identify and seize opportunities to grow your business.


NityoPravam is a business consulting company delivering ROI in ERP management and business operations. It works in consulting application technologies largely focusing on SAP and its integration with SAP and non – SAP business applications. It has a deep understanding and experience in such business application projects, products, processes and tools to deliver the desired results, quality and returns.
Being a SAP partner company in All in One product, NityoPravam works for mid size companies for cost optimized end to end solutions with its specialized integrated solution offerings such as bar code/ RFID, document management, audit management etc.


partner-afriexposThe stage is set to host a confluence of exciting business opportunities, world-class technologies and enthusiastic participants from across the globe, to converge on a single platform in Africa. At AfriEXPOS we are rapidly expanding tradeshow portfolio of events and footprint in Africa. Our growth strategy is organic, and one that is centered on developing show concepts and launching tradeshows that will have a high propensity for success across Africa.

AfriEXPOS has an impressive portfolio of over 20 successful trade events organized under its banner. AfriEXPOS has been immensely successful in creating platforms for interactions amongst buyers and suppliers, thus promoting the growth of trade and industry.