Management of urban solid waste is one of the most neglected areas of urban development in India. Due to rapid urbanization and uncontrolled growth of population, municipal solid waste management has become a challenge in India. Solid Waste Management though an essential service, is given low priority. Lack of financial resources, institutional weaknesses, improper choice of technology and public apathy towards Solid Waste Management has made this service far from satisfactory. The current practices of uncontrolled dumping of waste on the outskirts of towns/cities have created serious environmental and public health problem.

The government is playing its due role by providing incentives in the form of grants and VGF funding to ULBs for waste-to-energy (WTE) projects. Although at a nascent stage, the sector has a promising outlook with both a pipeline of projects and a number of projects under execution. Sizeable investments (over Rs 300 billion) have been planned for the Twelfth Plan period. A stricter regulatory framework and timely execution of projects will be crucial for future growth. Innovation in technology and deployment of advanced treatment solutions need to be explored.

With a view to contribute in this respect and to provide a forum for academics, policy makers, city planners, municipal authorities, local bodies, scientists, NGO’s, representatives of corporate world and public to come together to exchange views, ideas and suggestions, this one day conference on “Municipal Solid Waste Management India 2015” is being organised on 12th March 2015 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The conference will provide a forum -
  • To deliberate on the immediate concerns on Solid Waste management and the way forward.
  • To review the existing technologies and the remedial measures.
  • To share ideas and experiences with respect to Solid Waste Management and Control technologies.
  • To discuss the knowledge generated from national and international waste management projects.
  • To understand the global practices in managing the Solid Waste and its impact.
  • To discuss the financial implications of Solid Waste Treatment Technologies.
  • To create awareness on the environmental, economic and social impacts of Solid Waste Technologies.
  • To deliberate on Policy and Regulatory Issues in order to develop a suitable framework for Solid Waste Management.
Topics to be covered at the conference are:
  • Reduction, reuse and recycling of Solid waste.
  • Status of sustainable Solid Waste Management Technologies and perspectives.
  • Policy and regulatory issues.
  • Financing, economic analysis and public private partnership.
  • Energy from solid waste.
  • Land fill and land fill hydrology.
  • Education and training for industry, community and individual participants.

Organiser welcomes original research / review papers on any of the themes of the Conference.

The soft copy of the abstract not exceeding 250 words should be mailed to at the earliest but not later than 30th January 2015.